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Air Ambulance

Emergency Medical Evacuation Aircraft or Medivac is the fastest and most efficient method of transporting/flying
people needing immediate medical attention. Medivac is basically an aeromedical emergency transport service
that saves lives by saving on time.

Medivac is used for the critically ill. Medevac is used for people who cannot travel long distances because of age,
limited mobility or illness. Medevac is also useful for people living in remote locations or areas of difficult access
where suitable medical facilities are not available.

Medivac is also used for individuals whose medical needs would not be fully met by a ground ambulance.
Medivac aircraft may be a full-fledged Air Ambulance with complete medical equipment including an ICU, oxygen,
doctors, and emergency operating facilities, etc. Or it may simply be a specialized helicopter fitted with stretchers
for the transport of the infirm.

Facilities provided on a Medivac or Air Ambulance are dependent on the requirements
of the client. With its extensive online database and expertise around the world, Air Charter International provides
Medivac aircraft suited to the condition and requirements of the patient. In addition, Air Charter will provide maximum
support to the client and operator.

Medivac aircraft can generally be mobilized with in hours. Air Charter’s fastest response time has been 45
minutes from request to take off.

Medical Team and Equipment
Every Medivac Aircraft is fitted with stretchers and will provide its own doctors, nurses, oxygen, ICU and other
emergency medical equipment according to the requirements of the patient.
However, personal doctors and/or family members accompanying the client can also be accommodated.

Medivac Standby Services
Air Charter provides Medivac Standby Service Plans for large corporations. The Medivac Standby Plan
requires the corporations to brief Air Charter in advance and all aspects of an emergency medical evacuation are
planned in detail and agreed to with the company. When a medical evacuation is required, the Emergency Medical Evacuation Aircraft is dispatched as quickly as possible.

Clients for Medivac can be either family dependents, employees of major corporations or insurance companies.
In order to provide optimum services, Air Charter needs to know the following information with enquiries:
  1. Is the patient stabilized and medically cleared to fly?
  2. Does the patient need to be transported on a stretcher or can they walk a few short steps?
    This information is important for getting into certain Medivac aircraft.
  3. Have arrangements been made to receive the patient at the destination point?
  4. How many attendants are required? Will they have their own doctor/medical personnel with them?
  5. Have the hospital requested certain equipment to be available on board?
  6. Can the patient sustain more than one take off and landing? On a long trip, an aircraft may need to make a technical stop.
  7. Air Charter can be contacted 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to receive calls and secure suitable Emergency Medical Evacuation Aircraft.

Case Study
Air Charter has had aircraft airborne in 45 minutes for emergency medical evacuation in Africa. The patient,
a pilot, was in critical condition and flown to South Africa. He is now flying again.